Enhanced Services

Platinum Package – £1500

Family pedigrees generated for your ancestorsOne ancestral line of research plus up to 30 Gt. Gt. Grandparents named

The Platinum Package will follow the paternal and maternal lines of each of the start person’s direct ancestors.

The ancestry of each and every spouse will be researched back to the early eighteen hundreds (sometimes to the late seventeen hundreds where necessary). The lineal position of each spouse will determine the number of generations researched and reported on.

The paternal line will include the start person’s father, grandfather and so on, plus each spouse and her paternal and maternal ancestry.

The maternal line will include the start person’s mother, her father, grandfather and so on, plus each spouse and her paternal and maternal ancestry.

You will receive:

  • A report for each person in the line of ascent and their spousal lines detailing their birth/baptism, marriage, death/burial where records are available, along with any other significant findings.
  • Birth/baptism, death/burial details will be documented where records are available for the found children of each generation. The number of children will be determined by their inclusion on census returns.
  • Copies of parish records will be included where available. Where none are available, up to 16 x official birth or marriage certificates will be purchased. 
  • Applicable census transcripts for each of the named families.
  • 1 A4 hand-crafted, printed Family Tree for each of the surnames researched.
  • 1 Pedigree Chart using the ahnentafel system to faciltate cross-referencing with the reports.
  • 1 x hand-crafted, printed bespoke-size Family Tree combining aspects of all the A4 trees ready for framing.

The overall size of the printed tree will be 594mm wide x 297mm deep (23” x 11.6”)

Due to size restrictions each surname generation will feature spouses only.

  • For an additional cost of £100 an extra large, bespoke-sized family tree may be commissioned to include the found children of each documented marriage. The overall size will be discussed with you but it is worth noting that to frame such a tree you may require the services of a specialist frame- maker.

Timescale – approximately 3 to 4 months