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Genealogy Research Services for West Yorkshire and the north of England

Based in Halifax we specialise in tracing ancestors who lived in the West Riding, one of the three historic sub-devisions of Yorkshire, and the surrounding counties. Whether you’ve begun tracing your family history and become disheartened by your lack of progress or simply don’t have the time to devote to an in-depth research project, we can help.

  • West Yorkshire Genealogy Services offers research packages to suit all needs and budgets.
  • Our family-run genealogy service covers the entire West Yorkshire area and surrounding northern counties.
  • Data for ancestors found livng in other parts of the country can usually be located.

West Yorkshire Genealogy Services offers fixed price research packages to suit all needs and pockets plus a look-up service based on an hourly rate.

Gift Vouchers available. A voucher may be used in isolation or upgraded by the recipient.

We offer a free assesment, asking you to complete a short form with information you already have about the family you wish us to work on. Once we have carried out a preliminary search and are confident there is enough source material available we will accept the commission and ask for 50% of the cost. The remaining 50% is due when the research is complete and ready for dispatch.